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Code: SP 002

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(es. 2 meters = 200 cm)

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Click on “Ask for an estimate”, fill in the form, save/print the PDF of your customized project and wait for Skinwall team’s answer.

A great aesthetic impact with a deep meaning,
DEKŌ reflects a strong inner life.
The full reflex can shrink or enlarge itself making it
a piece of interior design fully reflecting your personality.

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Code: SP 002


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Technical information

The Dream Mirror Collection is composed of 6 mirrors combined with 6 different creativities of wallpapers. It is possible to purchase them together or separately. Every mirror of the Dream Mirror Collection is made of the Saint Gobain’s “miralite”, a material produced with a polished edge perimeter and a thickness of 5 mm. Every mirror has permanent double-sided tapes on its back and a silicone bonding is included in the shipping in order to guarantee the optimal attachment.

As concerns the wallpapers, it is necessary to ensure that the installation of them will be made using only paste glues and that their minimum weight will be of 300 gr/sqm.

In order to obtain an optimal assembly of the “Portrait”, “Game” and “Hell” models, it is recommended to fasten the mirror in the centre of two rolls of wallpaper.

For cleaning, use natural and no-aggressive detergents, such as vinegar, Marseille soap, shaving cream, tea. Alcohol is not recommended.