Mirror Portrait

A brand new collection is available on Skinwall.

Check out Dream Mirror: six beautiful design objects ready to be combined with as many wallpaper patterns.

Geometric, imaginative, playful, colorful… but mostly precious.

The mirrors of this collection are in fact made with “miralite” glass produced by Saint Gobain, a leader in this sector.

Six design objects, six mirrors. Six exclusive shapes. Six ways of living.
Today we present the elegant Dream Mirror collection.

Mirror PortraitMirror Portrait: the perfect frame for your home.

Mirror LinearMirror Linear: geometric elegance for large spaces.

Mirror HellMirror Hell: the beginning of an imaginative journey.

Mirror GameMirror Game: the ideal mirror for those who love to play.

Mirror DekōMirror Dekō: find your reflected personality and compose it as you wish.

Mirror Baki:Mirror Baki: have fun creating your shape with rose quartz and silver modules.

“The mirrors with their beautiful joyful forms and their unique geometries have transformed the “petit défaut” in a feature, a feature of his personality. Alice finally feels she has her own exclusive style, a unique beauty born on this beautiful July morning. The many new reflexes have restored the right vision, filtering the normal and returning to Alice a new Alice.”

This line was created inspired by the large mirror of Alice, but the Dream Mirror collection is not only composed of six fantastic mirrors.

Six wallpapers were also created for the occasion to combine with each of them.

For example, the Inferno by Dante Alighieri can be placed alongside the Mirror Hell line; an evocative wallpaper that shows part of one of the world’s most famous works so as to make your imaginative experience even more real.

Dream Mirror is available on Skinwall: a new way to enrich our wallpapers and make your spaces unique and elegant.