Skinwall Dream Wallpaper is an Italian company that produces digitally printed wallpaper and wall coverings.

Each Skinwall wallpaper is born from the desire to give dimension and character to every environment, starting from the ideas and emotions of those who live it. The walls become a canvas on which to paint a part of ourselves.
To give way to the different inspirations to come to life, Skinwall offers over 260 original graphics, divided into eight distinct collections, which investigate different areas through the most disparate creative forms, but which leave ample space for individual creativity.

Our collections

La hall retrò di questo albergo è decorata applicando la carta da parati 757A into the blue nelle nicchie della parete.

The retro lobby of this hotel was decorated by applying the 757A “Into the blue” wallpaper designed by Elena Piccolboni in the niches of the wall creating a real aquarium effect.

Suite Collection: incomparable value visuals

The Suite Collection brings together all those wallpapers that were born from the collaboration with some of the most popular artists and architecture studios of the moment.

In this collection there are very different inspirations. From the bright colors of Elena Piccolboni‘s drawings, to the more delicate tones of Corrado Dotti, from the wild atmospheres of the latest creations by Studio Raggi Design to the slightly retro ones by Guido Cozzi, from the textile inspirations of Conti | Marchetti Studio to the “vocal” ones of Simone Micheli Architectural Hero Studio, it’s impossible don’t find a parade capable of making our hearts beat faster. Among the artists and professional studios that have lent their works to this ambitious project, you can also find Fabio Iemmi, Neferstudio, Gloria Zanotti, Studio Armando Ferriani, Charaka Arte and Design.

Animal Attitude: animal instinct

Entering the Animal Attitude collection you will immediately feel enveloped in a wild atmosphere inhabited by fish, birds, mammals and reptiles. Within this collection you can easily find your “guide animal” and start walking the path of creativity.

Wallpaper 504 revised a detail of the fresco “The Legend of the True Cross” by Piero della Francesca preserved in the main chapel of the San Francesco Basilica in Arezzo.

Arts in the Past: discovering the artistic excellences of all time

This collection is, perhaps, the one we are most proud of, because, with it, we want to speed up the history of art by retracing it through the eyes of some of the greatest artists of all time.

Here we find the reinterpretations of some of the most impressive frescoes by Piero della Francesca while, passing through the fascinating prints of Albrecht Dürer and the studies of Giovanni Battista Piranesi, we arrive at the fabulous reality of Henri Rousseau where, the use of bright colors and the absence of perspective, anticipate us the most modern artistic revolutions.

The wallpapers of this collection are recommended for all those who love to relive the past splendors, with an eye to the future.

Natural Beauty: the different forms of beauty

This collection was created to celebrate beauty in all its forms: from the sinuosity of flowers and plants, to the sensual gracefulness of the female body.

The wallpapers of this collection are created to enrich the environments of class and refinement, following the dictates of fashion in a succession of emotions that amaze and amaze.

Una cucina i cui muri sono ricoperti dalla carta da parati 139 Rising sun

The 139 Rising Sun wallpaper, installed in a modern kitchen, creates an environment with soft and delicate tones.

Peeking nature: peering into the wild

Imagine approaching a small wooden door and, putting an eye to the small hole carved by a rebellious woodpecker, let yourself be captured by the wonderful sylvan world beyond it.

The Peeking Nature collection was created precisely to give shape to this sensation, ranging from the great forests of the north to the vast expanses of Africa, then heading towards the Far East in search of the masterful bamboo forests.

Bringing a natural setting into your home will allow you to live every free moment in peace and relaxation.

Travelling mind: journeys between imaginary and reality

Between pioneering explorations and traditions of distant countries, the wallpapers collected in Traveling Mind take us on an exciting journey where the limits are only in our mind.

Once we have come out of the comfort of rationality, it will not seem strange to distinguish, among the silhouettes of the trees, an elegant unicorn, while, above our heads, light sperm whales and puffers hover.

Alcuni frammenti della carta da parati 142 Bauhaus danno carattere a questa sala moderna.

Some fragments of the wallpaper 142 Bauhaus give personality to this modern living room.

Unconventional Surfaces: when character becomes art

Can, an abstract composition, perfectly reflect ourselves and our personality?

This is the question that wallpapers from the Unconventional Surfaces collection are seeking an answer, and where each design touches a different aspect of our nature.

From the vanity of the peacock, to the impetuosity of the marble scrolls, from the rigid methodicality of the geometries, to the extravagance of the decorated fabrics, our home can only be the truest image of us.

Alinari Collection: mixing arts

The Alinari brothers are known all over the world for their splendid photographs depicting Italian and foreign monuments, buildings and works of art.

In this collection you will find 26 of their best shots taked all around the Italy, for an exciting journey through history and art, perhaps riding a tandem.

Customized projects

Custom wallpaper designed on the occasion of the world day against gender discrimination.

Should that flower be red instead of yellow? The parrot is supposed to be looking to the left and the monkey, just don’t like it? Do you already have an image and want to adapt it to your wall?

No problem! You can customize your Skinwall wallpaper however you want. All our cards are made to be measured and adapted to your wishes both in terms of size and printed graphics.

Our philosophy is to allow anyone to decorate their home according to their taste, regardless of the fashions and trends of the moment. Starting from this cornerstone, we have developed a graphic department capable of combining customer requests with technical and design needs.

Thanks to the design versatility of our products, we are able to offer a quick, attentive, tailor-made service, able to satisfy your needs for quality, uniqueness and tailoring, which have always distinguished Made in Italy products.

If you have an idea that you put in a drawer because you thought it was impossible, put us to the test, send us your photo or describe what you would like, we will be happy to print your idea on the wall.

Next generation print materials

Installazione della carta da parati 138 - Salty breeze in un bagno.

The graphic 138 – “Salty breeze” was printed on a water resistant support and was subsequently treated to become 100% waterproof.

All our wallpapers are printed using solvent-free and ECO-friendly pigments, using only water-based inks. All graphics can be printed on different types of support according to aesthetic and design needs.

Smooth non-woven fabric

Covering in cellulose and synthetic fibers of polyester and viscose for indoor environments, this type of wallpaper adapts well to any commercial and residential environment with the exception of the bathroom.

Embossed vinylic non-woven fabric

Vinyl wallcovering with non-woven fabric support, 100% washable, this type of wallpaper adapts well to any commercial and residential environment; it can also be installed inside the shower if treated with the appropriate waterproofing system.

Pearly Opalescent non-woven fabric

Wall covering in cellulose, polyester, mica and mineral elements with non-woven fabric support, this wallpaper is characterized by a pearly appearance that finds its maximum expression in refined and well-lit environments.

La carta da parati 141 Travelling mind decora la sala da pranzo di un ristorante vintage.

The 141 Traveling mind wallpaper, printed on fiberglass support, decorates the dining room of a restaurant.


Fiberglass wallcovering with high tear resistance, this wallpaper is ideal for restoring walls with cracks or irregularities.

Fiberglass Acoustic

Fiberglass wallcovering with felt backing, this wallpaper has been designed to improve the acoustic comfort of the rooms, making it ideal for pubs and restaurants.

Wall Hydro rigid PVC coating

The Wall Hydro wall covering differs from those seen so far in consistency, thickness and format. The Wall Hydro is nothing more than a large waterproof wall panel (2600 × 935 mm) that can be installed quickly and easily thanks to the joints on the sides.

The very resistant surface and the possibility of customization through digital printing, make these panels perfect for covering the walls of all the wet areas of the house, but its ideal location is right inside the shower where the its qualities.