Skinwall starts again with a really intriguing novelty.

We present Wall Hydro: a decorative product which offers many advantages and represents one of the best alternatives to wallpaper.

What is Wall Hydro

The Wall Hydro coverings are large pvc panels, easy to install, resistant, washable and waterproof.

The sheets are installed using a specific and professional additive made by MAPEI and thanks to the male/female joint they fit together easily.

Perfect for a bathroom, a shower or a kitchen, Wall Hydro is very resistant, but most importantly, it’s customizable!

Our customers will be able to select any Skinwall texture or send us their own images (high resolution images); thanks to the digital printing it will be possible to create any decoration on the panel, for a super orignal and unique ambience.

The slabs have significant dimensions, with an height of 260 cm and a width of 93,50 cm, with a thickness of just 5 mm and a weight of 14,5 kg. This format, allows the Wall Hydro line to cover any kind of wall of any kind of ambience.

How Wall Hydro is made

Each panel is composed of three layers:

1- the external layer is made of high-strenght PU, which makes the sheet water-repellent;

2- in the middle we have the press, that we repeat, can be selected by the customer between the Skinwall textures or be customized with any high resolution image or vector file.

3- the last layer, the one in contact with the resting surface, it’s a waterproof soundproofing mattress.

Other characteristics:

  • Width of the panel: 935 mm
  • Height of the panel: 2600 mm
  • Thickness: 5 mm
  • Weight of the panel: 14,5 kg
  • Chemical resistance: Good (EN 438)
  • Reaction to fire: B- s2, d0
  • Resistance to light: 6/7 (IS0 105)
  • Heat resistance: 0,04 m2 K/W (EN 12524)
  • Dimensional stability: <0,10% (EN 434)
  • Residual imprint: max 0,03 mm (EN 433)
  • Emissions: compliant with AgBB, applicable with specific adhesives
  • Made in Switzerland

How to install Wall Hydro

Wall Hydro was born as a valid alternative to wallpaper but with an unmatched ease of installation. In addiction to being simple, the installation is also very fast!

These panels are also suitable for non-absorbent surfaces, like glass, metal, ceramic, laminated wood panels, on which it is not possible to install any wallpaper.

Thanks to the ease of installation, using an appropriate glue and male/female joints, any laying errors will no longer be a problem.

Everything needed for the installation:

  • A pencil
  • A 1 mm fine-toothed spatula to apply the glue
  • An electronic or bubble level
  • Measuring tape
  • Glue
  • A cordless drill
  • An alternative or circular saw to perform panel cuts
  • A 1 m metal ruler

Before assembly…

In case of walls with humidity or mold, it is necessary to intervene with sanitizing treatments before laying the panels.

For assembly, only use Mapei Ultrabond Eco Ms4 LVT Wall glue applied uniformly with a spatula or in case of installations outside the kitchen or the bathroom you can use Domostyl Hybrid applied with a silicone gun.

How to apply Wall Hydro

All Wall Hydro panels are marked with a number.

The installation project (render) will indicate the arrangement of the panels based on the image you provide. Starting from one side of the wall, mark a vertical line with a pencil to position the first panel. Apply glue to the surface and lay the first panel.

All panels are profiled with a male/female joint on the long side. The second panel must be connected to the first and so on for all the others.

In case of excess glue clean the panel with a sponge. In our accessories line there are end profiles to complete the installation.

Fast and easy!

For further information, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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