Did you know?
On the Skinwall website, you can customize our wallpapers according to your needs.
Visit the “Collections” category and select the style you like more.
Then proceed entering the dimensions, print style, and request a price quotation for your project!

A product tailored for you and your environments
The Skinwall wallpaper can be adapted according to the customer, adjusting the style in height and width.
If you like the final result and want to request a price quotation, remember to specify the chosen style, the size of the wall (or other surfaces), and also the type of support desired.

There are five supports to choose, let’s see them together:
– Coated non-woven fabric, Smooth, 200 gr/m2, 98 cm sheets
– Embossed vinyl non-woven fabric, 350 gr/m2, 104 cm sheets
– Textile wallcovering on non-woven fabric support, 300-355 gr/m2, 137 cm sheets
– Woven Vinyl on non-woven material, 620 gr/m2, Rolls: 98 cm
– Pearly non-woven fabric, 250 gr/m2, 91 cm sheets

How to use the configurator to customize your wallpaper

1. Select the preferred style from the available variants
2. Enter the dimensions of your surface where the paper will be applied. (The maximum size is 9 meters wide and 5.40 meters high, if you need larger, please, contact us at this email address
After entering the dimensions, you can move the selection area as you like by rotating and mirroring vertically/horizontally.
3. Once you finished editing, you can request your customized price quotation by clicking on the button at the bottom. You will be asked to fill in a form and then you can save and/or print your project in PDF. Your request will then be analyzed by our team, you just have to wait for an answer!

What are you waiting for?
Select the collection of wall coverings you like more and let’s customize your environment with Skinwall trendy wallpapers.

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